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The Life And Times Of...

brand new tragic: fade silver screens

J to the Uzzo, L to the Izzo, A to the Nizzo.
12 September
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I'm Julian...19, 5'6, and all that good stuff. I play drums and sing in a couple of bands. I play bass...badly. Anyhow, I'm at Ryerson University for Graphic Communications Management, and I'm a lifeguard. My face has a few holes it didn't have when I was born, namely two in my lip, one in my eyebrow, one in my tongue, one in my nostril, and soon to be a couple in my ears. Something tells me we'll get along great.

I listen to a lot of metal. My interst list may not indicate that but I last updated years ago and I'm too lazy to fix it now.
a static lullaby, afi, alexisonfire, at the drive in, avril lavigne, bass, bayside, bear vs shark, beastie boys, billy talent, bjork, blindside, blink 182, blood brothers, boys night out, brand new, brazil, buck 65, candiria, christiansen, coheed and cambria, coldbluesky, converge, courtesy blush, crossword puzzles, daughters, dead kennedys, dead poetic, dear jane i, death from above, death from above 1979, deftones, degrassi, dillinger escape plan, donnie darko, drums, eighteen visions, emo, enginedown, epsilon, every time i die, family guy, finch, from autumn to ashes, from fiction, funeral for a friend, girls, glassjaw, guitars, hardcore, hopesfall, hot hot heat, incubus, international noise conspiracy, jude the obscure, jurassic 5, k-os, kid twist, kill me tomorrow, korn, krista, law & order, lostprophets, mare, matchbook romance, metric, mewithoutyou, mindless self indulgence, misery signals, modest mouse, moneen, more stuff, morrissey, motion city soundtrack, muchmusic, my chemical romance, n.e.r.d., neva, new found glory, ninja high school, norma jean, numbers revolt!, once a thief, pandabear, piercings, poison the well, quentin tarantino, rancid, record shopping, refused, remembering never, scarlet, scatter the ashes, senses fail, sidford, sigur ros, silverstein, snot, sondre lerche, songwriting, sparta, spitalfield, stars bleed fire, strawman fallacy, symphony in peril, system of a down, taking back sunday, tegan & sara, the bled, the bronx, the chariot, the clash, the cure, the double doubles, the end, the esoteric, the locust, the mars volta, the movielife, the o.c., the red chord, the rise, the salads, the simpsons, the smiths, the stills, the streets, the used, the viking club, theprp.com, these arms are snakes, this day forward, thrice, thursday, underoath, vaux, wheels on the bus, winter solstice, yeah yeah yeahs, yellowcard, your mother, zao